Did you see our whskey barrels in the movie Live by Night, 2017? 

We have a few used Jim Bean Whiskey Bourbon barrels in stock!

Wine Barrels:

59-60 gallons,

usually 6-8 galvanized hoops,

usually 35 - 37 inches tall,

usually 27-29 inches at widest center,

insides are lightly toasted, retains the red wine stain or white wine natural look (subject to barrels in stock)

Whiskey Barrels:

53 gallons,

usually 4-6 non-galvanized hoops (rusty),

usually 35 inches tall,

usually 26 inches at widest center,

insides are charred (looks like charcoal)

Looking for used oak wine and whiskey barrels in Los Angeles? You found them!

Please call to order 818-523-8174

Whiskey Barrels

Wine Barrels

Used Oak Wine & Whiskey Barrels

New shipment of freshly emptied wine barrels are here!

Smell that wine!

Bungs for Wine and Whiskey Barrels

Puncheons are back!  400L and 500L

Supply is limited so get yours now!

I'm standing between the puncheons. The end barrels are the normal 59-60 gallon size barrels. These barrels are about 130 gallons, 40-42" high, 3 feet in diameter and weigh about 200 lbs empty! Because of their size, they make great rain barrels and hot and cold tubs!  We have a very limited quantity on hand as they are very difficult to find.  See our new aquaponics section - puncheon barrel makes a great fish tank, allowing for a larger grow system.

Puncheon Wine Barrels

What's the Difference?